Best of Surfaces Awards 2023

FEBRUARY 15, 2023 – Samplesapp received a Best of  Surfaces 2023 award for innovation. In its 12th year, the contest is cosponsored by Floor Covering News and Informa Exhibitions, which owns and operates The International Surface Event (TISE).

Retail Sample Solutions

A consumer with a sample at home is the strongest lead a retailer can have. Samplesapp solves the long-standing challenge of samples leaving the store and not returning. It helps owners grow sales and improve service. With a simple check-out and check-in process, Samplesapp starts a series of personalized, educational and helpful messages between sales and customer. Samplesapp solves a range of problems for manufacturers, reps, owners and consumers. Missing a few samples may not seem like an issue until those missing are best sellers. Samplesapp helps owners grow sales and improve service, and helps consumers make more informed decisions.

“The Samples App was one of the best introductions I have seen in a long time,” said Tom Urban, general manager, Great Lakes Carpet & Tile, Wildwood, Fla. “It can truly become a game changer for our stores and RSAs. Knowing where every sample is—and doing a better follow up with every consumer—is what all of us want. For manufacturers to know when their top sellers are missing will help them stay up with their displays, and by having top sellers in the display will help them sell more products.”

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