A consumer with a sample is the strongest lead you can have.

Samplesapp solves the challenge of samples leaving the store and not being returned and lack of follow up on non return samples.

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Streamline communication between retail sales associates and consumers with personalized, educational messages during check-out and check-in.

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Snap a picture

Take a picture or scan a label to check samples out to your customers and start building leads.

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Take deposits for the samples your customers check out and charge them for the samples they don’t return.



Send personalized emails and text messages from your sales people to your customers reminding them to return samples.

Easy-to-use award winning technology

Samplesapp simplifies the check-out and check-in process and sends personalized, educational messages between retail sales associates and consumers, improving connections and solving sample challenges for all stakeholders.

Capture customers information in the store

Automate and personalize email and text communications

Increase revenue when top selling samples are returned to the showrooms on time

Quickly replaced samples when not returned

Generate ONE QR for in store sample check out, product data, visualization, pricing and more

Keep displays updated; sample replacement process happens “automatically” when connected with manufacturer or notification to retailer admins

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How to use Samplesapp

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What people are saying

This technology is a game changer! Our best-selling styles are naturally the samples that are in highest demand. Keeping track of them and getting them back quickly makes a huge difference in our profits because we can keep selling our most popular products. Providing better customer service along the way is an unexpected bonus

- Jason O'Krent, O'Krent Floors

Samplesapp doesn't just solve one problem, it solves several. It's simple to use and will elevate you in your consumer's eyes.

- Sam Locher, VP, AJ Rose

Samplesapp has given us real time visibility into who has a sample and when it is coming back. It does this while keeping the salesperson connected to the customer while they are in the buying process. Samplesapp works as promised.

- Steve Kellogg, Flooring Liquidators